Species Location

Deviulau Island

Invasive SpeciesCommon NameOrganism TypeInvasive Species Status
domestic goatMammalAlien-Invasive
black ratMammalAlien-Invasive
small Asian mongooseMammalAlien-Invasive
green iguanaReptileAlien-Invasive
Fiji Crested IguanaReptileNative-Reported
Native SpeciesNative Common NameNative Species StatusInvasive SpeciesCommon NameImpact Mechanism
Fiji Crested IguanaCritically Endangeredblack ratPredation (potential)
Fiji Crested IguanaCritically Endangereddomestic goatGrazing/Herbivory/Browsing
Fiji Crested IguanaCritically EndangeredcatPredation (potential)
Fiji Crested IguanaCritically Endangeredgreen iguanaCompetition (potential)
Fiji Crested IguanaCritically Endangeredsmall Asian mongoosePredation (potential)

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