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Invasive SpeciesCommon NameOrganism TypeInvasive Species Status
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Chinese honeysuckleLand plantAlien
Cook Islands PittosporumLand plantEndemic-Reported
 Aquatic PlantAlien
bluebellLand plantAlien
bladderberryLand plantAlien
artillery fernLand plantAlien
Chinese inkberryLand plantAlien
lady of the nightLand plantAlien
bay oil treeLand plantAlien
Bahamas pitch pinePlant (Pine)Alien
Native SpeciesNative Common NameNative Species StatusInvasive SpeciesCommon NameImpact Mechanism
Cook Islands PittosporumLeast ConcernPolynesian ratSeed predation (potential)
Cook Islands Reed-warblerNear ThreatenedPolynesian ratPredation
Cook Islands PittosporumLeast Concernblack ratSeed predation (potential)
Cook Islands Reed-warblerNear Threatenedblack ratPredation
Mangaia KingfisherVulnerableblack ratPredation
Cook Islands Reed-warblerNear Threateneddomestic goatGrazing/Herbivory/Browsing
Cook Islands Reed-warblerNear ThreatenedcatPredation
Mangaia KingfisherVulnerablecatPredation

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